Professional Tax Preparation in Fort Wayne, Indiana

When you’re looking for the “right” tax preparer to prepare your returns, getting the “best price” is not that important. Most professional tax preparers will charge roughly the same fee. If you find a professional preparer charging too little, you should always be concerned with the credentials and experience of the tax preparer. Its not a matter of price – its a matter of getting the “right” professional help you need.

What matters most to you matters most to EPCO Insurance Agency. Making sure your tax return is prepared correctly, ensuring your tax return will pass IRS scrutiny, and whether you are maximizing the deductions and tax credits you’re allowed, minimizing your income taxes or maximizing your tax refund is our top priority when assisting you with your individual or commercial tax preparation.To learn more about our tax prep services, call our office today at 260-493-6661.

Choosing the “Wrong” Tax Preparation Services Firm

• Last year the IRS has implemented “new” standards that require the registration of all tax preparers
• This year the IRS is targeting certain tax preparers as being “overly aggressive”, incompetent, or just plain fraudulent
• Did you know that if you went to that particular tax preparer who was identified by the IRS as suspect that there’s a really good chance that your return will be audited (even if you did everything right)?

Is it really worth it? Get your maximum refund, but get it the “right” way. There’s plenty of “legal” deductions you can get without increasing your risk. We can help guide you with what to and what not to take on your returns.

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